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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 26, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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that is the hot button issue. go to and vote in the polls. thanks for joining us on this special edition of "on the hello, i'm dana perino with "endeavou andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." with an eye on 2016, one question looms large for the gop. should the party be more conservative or libertarian? the standard bearers of both positions look to be chris christie and rand paul at the moment. the new jersey governor was asked about national security and fired this shot. >> this strain of libertarianism that's going through both parties right now and making big headlines i think is a very
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dangerous thought. president obama has done nothing to change the policies of the bush administration in the war on terrorism and i mean practically nothing, and you know why? because they work. i love all these esoteric debates people are getting in. >> senator rand paul for example? >> you can name any number of people who engaged in it, and he's one of them. >> the kentucky senator thought fit to fight back. he said chris christie worries about the dangers of freedom, i worry about the danger of losing that freedom. spying without warrants is unconstitutional. greg, i am going to you, if we go to this side of the table, you'll never get a word in edgewise. >> what's that supposed to mean. >> take it from me. >> i forfeit my spot to these guys any day. >> do you have a point? >> i think this rift is the best thing that happened to the left and to president obama. greenwald was a genius because he has cleefd the adversaries,
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instead of healthy debate, we have one side accusing another of shredding the constitution, the other side accusing them of being soft on terror. what law enforcement is embrace reasonableness. this is whap to happen in this debate. you do a disservice if you position yourself on the edges of alarm. the first casualty in a tv feud is reasonableness. we either talk about tyranny or terror from above. the point is you can have both. that's the essence of reasonableness, what they talk about, what law enforcement talks about is reasonableness. it can happen. what happened, we have these groups, and we're at fault for this, we put ourselves at the edge of every argument. oh, my god, there's going to be another 9/11, oh, my god, you're shredding the constitution. actually, no, shut up, it is in the middle here. >> i think the mainstream media, eric, would like republicans to have to choose. either this camp or that camp. actually what we probably want
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in 2016 is a composite candidate made up of lots of people. your worlds collided. >> it did. the rule of law is no dangerous to governor christie. you lost a fan in me, sir, and anyone else that believes the constitution is up for interpretation, especially by a governor, you can't interpret it your way, it is not living and breathing, it is a rule of law. let me get this straight. rand paul is dangerous but president obama and carlos danger are okay in your world. governor, you look at people in the eye that lost loved ones in the world trade center. i was in the world trade center when the bombs went off, watched friends burn, watched people jump out the window. i think i have an idea what terrorism looks like, and it is not innocent americans being data mined by the nsa, it is islamic terrorists. stick to that and we're all okay. >> now another not for christie.
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>> i am done with him. >> you were with christie -- >> mark warned me, you will regret it getting behind this guy. i do, not for the reasons you're saying. >> i understand your compassion. like you said, you have friends and everything and i think anybody in new york feels that way, but i don't think christie -- christie was talking specifically about data mining, and the fact is to find a needle, you need a hay stack. the problem with rand paul is that he thinks the needles show up, like the needles came on september 11. if you had the hay stack before, you could have figured out where the needles are. >> also to do with the hay stack when they find the needle. >> that's the question we all want. that would be -- >> can't this be -- it doesn't have to be either or discussion, right? >> exactly. >> why can't it be both? why can't you have people like chris christie, former u.s. attorney, this is what u.s.
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attorneys do, they want every good tool at their fingertip to prosecute terrorists. that's what chris christie did. >> for finding them before the prosecution. >> the purpose of the fourth amendment is to trip up prosecutors, make sure government doesn't get too big. what's wrong with people like rand paul saying have a debate about civil liberties in the era of obama? this was welcome to the 2016 primary. christie was trying to differentiate himself politically from rand paul. this is his background. paul has a different take. new polls show rand paul is now leading in the republican primary field. >> ask bob about that. for 2016. do you believe -- two questions. do you believe they're putting their toe in the water for 2016, and what do you think the republican mindset will be if you had to prognosticate, will it be more conservative or libertarian when it comes to voting. >> strange libertarianism
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running in the republican party through dwight eisenhower, enormous split in '64, more libertarian forces taking over from the moderate conservative republicans. this is nothing new. it is becoming something brighter on the stage of politics because you have two people who are pretty good at what they do. haven't had a rand paul who is out and out libertarian in congress for a long time. so he raises questions which have been there a long time. >> duh. >> he was never taken seriously. this guy is taken seriously. >> we read, dana, is it going to be more conservative or libertarian, that's inaccurate. i think rand paul is conservative and libertarian and i think chris christie has lost his conservative creds over this and other things he is doing with the second amendment in new jersey. >> but specifically to terrorism i don't think you can say chris
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christie lost his conservative credentials. his record as u.s. attorney was in credible. people were upset, he was somewhat praising president obama for following in the footsteps of bush, but i don't really see it this way. >> outreach today of how many people were, they don't like either of them, some folks i talked to. 2016 seems too far out for them, but they're thinking why aren't we talking about tax reform, figuring out how to bring more competitiveness into the health care system. why aren't we focusing on entitlement reform, the things they will come to the ballot to vote for, nobody seems to be talking about. maybe about the fourth amendment but i doubt it. >> rand paul brings up syria, saying do not do that, libertarians have for the most part been very reticent about committing u.s. troops overseas for good reason. there's always been a place for that debate.
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the people like the neocons willing to do anything any time need a force working against them, the libertarians have done that. >> greg, get back in here, you had liberals joining on the syria piece. democrats voted with a certain number of republicans. is there a new force building in politics? >> it kind of shook a lot of allegiances up. you had like eric palling with glenn greenwald, that would be like me moving in with a lemur. i did for six months actually. libertarians can embrace the idea of the nsa, the libertarian piece, it requires force and force requires intel. the sad thing that bothers me about the debate, then i'll shut
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up, in the old days, the right would be pissed off about leaks. if there was a leak that made us vulnerable, we would be pissed. instead, we're pissed off with the government for lawful actions -- >> we disagree on that. >> how do you know it is unlawful? >> there's nothing unlawful about it. >> no, no. >> where's the probable cause taking the information and data mining innocent americans who have nothing to do with it. can i point this out, we can do this again or something else, dana, i know you're getting frustrated. but this is important. >> excuse me? >> on the republican side, chris christie going there was a big mistake. they need to be uniting. there's a ted cruz and rand paul who are conservatives who are very similar but not fighting each other, not taking shots at each other. i don't think it was a good idea for christie to do that. >> i'm sorry, go ahead.
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>> i was going to say it actually is legal. the problem is that technology has radically changed. people have a reasonable expectation of privacy, i get that. i think, eric, the case should be we need to take it back to the courts. we give up our data, in google they have our gmail, facebook, they have our posts. we give it up every day. people would be okay with a little data to catch a terrorist. but the problem is the technology has changed and this administration abuses it over and over and over. >> and when you go into google, you sign off, when you sign up for google, you tell them you're okay with them doing what they're doing. >> what greg talked about was decided on in the supreme court. it is legal. i don't like it, but it is legal. if you don't like it because of the technicality, go back to court. you're both right. >> that's the problem! >> you can both be right and have points here. >> so polite, raising your hand.
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>> i want to tell a brief story. in a meeting with barry goldwater with president carter, there was a leak at jessie helms about panama canal and peace treaties, i walked out, he said bob, remember something, we conservatives hate leaks like this, and what he threatened to do was go before the senate if the leaks didn't stop and say he was for panama canal treaties. >> you know what rand paul will have a problem, should we be a country more isolationist, mind our own business. we have nukes, okay if others have nukes. i think that's a bridge too far for a lot of people on foreign policy, they would say they're not able to go there. >> we are the size of a phone booth. >> libertarian and isolationism is two different things. libertarians only go someplace
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if there's a clear and present danger to the united states. >> and that's where i support them. i think that's right. i think that's where they have the strongest argument. people are tired of democracy promotion. tired of losing blood and treasure for these dumps like afghanistan. and i think the libertarian party is the pause button. >> i have my summer home there! >> i disagree on that personally. i think we could have stayed and could have -- should have been there for the long hall for iraq and afghanistan and history won't be kind to the administration that decided to squander all of that. >> i wonder who you're talking about. >> who could that be. some irs employees that make sure you sign up for obama care are looking for a way out so they don't have to. later, we're answering your questions on the hottest stories now. go to
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♪ it must be hard when even your parents hate you. that's obama care, a lot so bad, even those hired to run it are running from it like it is a mosquito with herpes. the irs employee union will force you to comply to the law, wants members to tell their congressmen they prefer their federal plan, not obama care. when thousands of workers whose job it is to force you to buy something you don't want are rebelling against being forced to buy something they don't want, you have to laugh or possibly shoot yourself. this news comes as the president boasts that reporters tell him, they tell him his ideas are really cool.
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>> interesting in the runup to the speech, a lot of reporters say well, you know, mr. president, these are all good ideas, but some of them you said before, some of them sound great, but you can't get those through congress. republicans won't agree with you. >> now do you finally get it? do you see the nexus of control and power before you? no one, including its enforcers even wanted it, because the reporters did. there you go, america. the reason for every bad idea from crippling pensions to pointless programs that spread dependency like a spine sapping syphilis, oozs from the academia complex, spawning ground to reporters, professors, leftwing presidents that share the same assumptions about your idiocy.
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obama care, global warming, arugula. obama pulled the curtain back and showed you who pulled the levers. the liberal reporter and the politician that coddles. i would say they deserve each other, but that would be a compliment. >> syphilis? >> spreading like syphilis. eric, do you think this is why obama is disappointed, because he mistakes the will of reporters for the will of america? >> he has it great. the scandals, no one says what about benghazi, mr. president, what about the irs, what about the nsa snooping scandal. they go really, 35 years ago, could have been a trayvon martin. they buy into the rabbit. they go chasing the rabbit. fortunately for us, we stay on some of them. >> we need to choke the rabbit. >> what? >> i don't even know what that meant. >> we're not talking about
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animals. >> anthony weiner doesn't choke rabbit, yet. those who enforce the law actually are getting out of having the law enforced on them. that's ridiculous. >> and this is why people should be furious. it is not just people that will enforce the law that now want to opt out, it is the democratic power base that pushed from day one to get into this deal like the big labor unions to protect their big, vast curby health care plan, and then they asked for a carve out, so they mandate a law we all have to face that drives one-third of our economy into the ground and exempt themselves from it. people should be absolutely furious about what the unions did with this bill. this is not a surprise. they don't like it, even people that are supposed to enforce the darn thing. >> bob? >> i'm trying to get the driving one-third of the economy in the ground through my head. the labor unions are doing something very -- it is in their history. they're negotiating to get
11:21 pm
extension on their car -- same with hoffa, classic, same people that sat around the table and endorsed obama care. >> so great, why would they need a carve out? >> they don't want to give up what the members have, a platinum -- >> but they have bad analysts and lobbyists initially? >> they knew it, wanted to embrace obama, figured they would find a way out. >> a political deal. >> weird to me, the irs, how many agents did they have to hire this, 12 to 16,000 more agents. but all those agents will be then a member of the union, so the union actually will end up making money, right, for the union activities and as we saw with the irs scandal, 98% of donations go to democrats in the union. i actually think they thought they had to do this letter. >> if obama care went away tonight, do you think insurance premiums would continue to go
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up? >> not as much, we agree there's a problem. there's an easy way to solve this problem, don't have to get into it, make insurance companies compete over state lines. that's an easy way to do it. >> like geico and car insurance. >> correct me if i'm wrong, you read up on this, andrea, they said there would be 31 million without health care? >> correct. >> remember, we're going to grow 50 million by that time, that many more people. >> more illegal immigrants? >> no, not that, the birth rate among -- >> none of those would have gotten their own health care? >> most would be children of illegal immigrants. >> no. can i tell you something to watch? remember couple months ago we did a story about idea floated for congressional staff people to not have to be part of obama care and that was squashed right away, they said okay, okay, we're not going to do that. i don't know, i have word they're trying to do it. >> nobody has better health care than washington, d.c. >> so far what's going down is
11:23 pm
leadership gets their own cadillac plan. doesn't have to be on obama care. the boehners, pelosis, everyone else -- >> and other members are starting to worry. their staff is starting to leave. >> i agree with dana, they're going to try to get out of it, all the people that pushed for it, voted for it, don't like it. they have celebrities, the celebrities don't have anything to do with it. it is so hypocritical and wrong. >> washington people carve out the best deal for themselves. >> that's what i mean. >> then we pay, bob. that's the point. >> it is terrible, but it is politics. >> i don't think they're going to get away with it this time. >> this could be the straw that breaks the -- >> the rabbit? >> if they have the cadillac of plans, we need a car metaphor for obama care. >> the nova. >> the pacer!
11:24 pm
>> the edsel. >> what blew up, the corvair? >> audi used to go through the garage. >> coming up on "the five," bill o'reilly, not sure who that is, and hgeraldo rivera go head to head.
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♪ what is this? >> bill o'reilly delivered one of his most controversial talking points memos this week when he called on president obama and civil rights activists to recognize the real problems in the black community. people are still talking about it and o'reilly appeared with geraldo to expand on his comments. >> black americans commit homicides at a rate ten times greater in the united states than whites and hispanics combined. >> i think black people are going to feel you're sist stereotyping them. >> i don't care. i'm dealing with reality, i'm interested in helping the most vulnerable americans, and those are young black children born into poverty. the african-american community when it comes down to it, is going to have to do it themselves. because they're not going to get
11:30 pm
any help from the white power structure and they're being sold out by the so-called civil rights industry. >> did you think bill o'reilly was stereotyping blacks? >> i don't think he knew what he was talking about. i appreciate what o'reilly said, he raised issues of concern to the community, but to blanketly say that about the black community is ignorant, something you just don't say those kinds of things without thinking it through, coming up with some reasonable debatable -- >> what do you take issue with what he said about the black community? >> plenty. >> well -- >> blacks are scared of them. >> i don't think that's what he said. he said the breakdown in the black community is breakdown in black fathers, they're leaving. >> that's true. >> and discipline in schools. >> you said you agree with that. >> but that's the inner-city we're talking about. there's blacks all over this country who are not living in
11:31 pm
harlem. bill's isolated to bronx and harlem. >> greg, you were trying to get in there. >> is it stereotyping to point out suicide rates of white males twice that of black males, it is a fact. is that a stereotype? what's racist is assuming a community can't handle the same moral standards as the rest of us, and that the biggest threat in my mind to blacks are not gangs but white liberals who dupe everybody into excusing deadly behavior. those are statistics. the same statistics about suicide among white males, the same statistics about whether i will legitimacy is higher. it is a number. a number can't be racist. a fact can't be racist. >> i thought geraldo did a disservice to the african-american community, some agreed with what o'reilly had to say, thought he made a great point. dana, i want to ask you about the tone and messaging of this. your area of expertise.
11:32 pm
another person i talked to said they thought he was a little too angry in tone and the message could have had a caveat with it, which is what we talked about here, maybe he should have said something i said earlier in the week which is you can't say all blacks. there are blacks that agree with bill o'reilly that are responsible that don't like the behavior of some in the community, like all whites aren't the same. >> that's true. i think any time that you're speaking about something with passion, there's a fine line where some people might say absolutely that's how i feel because they feel that frustration building up in them. also if you feel like you can't say something because somebody then won't like you or somebody on talk radio is going to make fun of you later, and you hold back and somebody else says it on your behalf, you kind of cheer for them. however, there's another part of that which is if you're part of the audience that hears a strong message like that and gets offended, then what bill o'reilly did, which is talking about president obama, sometimes
11:33 pm
president obama has passion, other times he's so dispassionate. there's kind of no middle ground with him. bill o'reilly, i think the reason that talking points memo was so effective and packed such punch is because it came straight from the heart. i don't think he was angry, i think he was frustrated because people haven't been willing to talk about these issues and deal with them appropriately and effectively. >> first of all, i agree there's a lot of passion there, but passion based on isolated community. have you forgotten the million man march? lew lew lewis -- >> there's a higher number of issues going on in the community than others. like i said about suicide and whites. it is numbers. >> i don't expect you to understand this, bob, i frankly don't agree with a lot of things bill o'reilly said, but dana points something out, they were effective talking points, here is why. i do it. when there's a racism
11:34 pm
discussion, we have to be very careful. i am a white guy on television. i have to make sure i don't say something -- >> you're a tan guy. >> i can't say something perceived as racist, otherwise i am going to get destroyed by the media. so we have to, a conservative white guy on tv has to be careful. what bill did was he stepped out and said i'm not going to dance around this issue, i am going to take it full force frontal. >> i think the liberal community has done a lot to put you in jeopardy on that. bill was talking about things isolated to his world. that's not the black community. >> he is a teacher. >> what's universal about the black community. >> he was saying the black community, urban areas, he was very specific. he talked about discipline in schools, for example, as being something that i don't think anyone would disagree with that. >> people have been saying that for years. >> okay. >> why don't you? >> i have. >> why not say it is time to do
11:35 pm
something about it. >> people have been saying for years that's too broad. not enough people say it because of what eric said, we kind of pull back. >> even if you have a caveat, i checked twitter, they were like you don't know what it is like, you probably lock your doors when a black man comes to your car. if it is late at night, i don't care who is coming up to my doors, black, white, it has nothing to do with race. >> there's a way to talk about race and racial differences. i was at the gym watching tmz, they had the group of guys, black, white, female, talking about how when somebody drives by, does something bad to you when driving, then you drive up, you're about to yell at him. you get there, go oh, he's black. >> put on the brakes. >> the black guy is telling the story, everybody is laughing. when there's honesty about race, a lot of this crap goes out the window. that's what hopefully we'll be headed that way.
11:36 pm
when it happens in law enforcement and military, a lot of people together of different races, you can talk about this stuff. >> it is refreshing. when we come back, eric has a stack of questions from our facebook page. the subject today, any hot topic in the news. fox free for all next. ♪ ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids. wish i saw mine more often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away. it's a good thing you had life insurance through the colonial penn program. you're right. it was affordable, and we were guaranteed acceptance. guaranteed acceptance? it means you can't be turned down because of your health. you don't have to take a physical or answer any health questions.
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♪ pink floyd. >> thanks for sending in your questions. we start with five questions, five minutes. have to go fast. number one. nick m, do you think detroit should be bailed out. what do you think of the detroit bailout? >> i think not. i think there are too many
11:41 pm
cities that would then ask for the same and america simply cannot afford it, and you know at this point the mayor of detroit agrees, he's not asking for a federal bailout. he said president obama has enough on his plate now. >> there's about 15 other cities on the verge of bankruptcy, too. anyone else? >> i don't think they should be bailed out. you have a combination of government and private enterprise doing it. >> isn't that a bailout? >> yes! >> series of loans, get people to come in and find some business there. >> that's that. number two. for bob from joe j. how would you fix the more children the more money you get welfare system. you said you were against that. >> i think what you do, you cap it, say after a certain number of children no more. what i want to do is kidnap a generation of the kids away from their mothers, if the mothers aren't taking care of them, do something with them that gives them opportunity. >> bring them to your house? >> bring them to your house as a
11:42 pm
matter of fact. >> that's not an option. >> you want to go? >> this one for greg. how long will it take for anthony weiner to drop out of the race? >> he is going to stay in until the absolute end because the only thing that is scarier to him than humiliation is actual real work. he has no qualifications at all. and his wife hates irrelevance. she needs power. they're going to stick together. >> he has one last chance at politics or he is gone forever. it is the thing he loves. if this is it, if he doesn't do it now, he doesn't do it. >> if he is delusional enough to take a picture of his ding dong -- >> ding dong? >> can i throw something out here? greg, you're going to run for mayor, right? >> absolutely. >> i was talking with someone, she said new york needs a female mayor.
11:43 pm
i was thinking why don't you run against greg -- >> would that be a great debate? that would be a great debate. >> what would we disagree on? >> we would disagree on a few things. >> it would be like good morning daytona. >> number four. from linda g. do you think abolishing the irs is media hype or coul shot at doing it? can we get rid of the irs. >> depends who's in office. if you get the right people in office, perhaps. i think it is a little of a pipe dream to do. >> media hype. i don't think anyone in the media takes that seriously. >> it is a great idea. >> get rid of the irs. >> it is a bummer -- >> you need to win elections, win the house, senate, white house to do it. majority and all. >> take it down to mechanical operation, flat tax, fair tax, you don't need all these people
11:44 pm
to check. >> the fair tax. would you be for him again? >> no, done with that guy. >> number five. mark f. does anyone think if hillary runs in 2016 telling her the families of the dead from benghazi a bold face lie will have any effect on her? greg, what about this one. >> i didn't understand the question. >> do you think benghazi will hurt hillary clinton? >> probably not sadly. >> i think with independents it could. i think independents will be the place that will be the battle at the end of the day. >> can i say the people that vote against her will vote against her and it won't matter -- >> unless she's primary with somebody we don't know about and makes it an issue. >> what difference does it make, it will come back and haunt her through the campaign.
11:45 pm
if you haven't liked our facebook page, log onto president bush shaved his hair in support of a little boy. he talks about it in an interviewer next. next. next. we used to live with a bear. [growl] we'd always have to go everywhere with it. get in the front. we drive. it was so embarrasing that we just wanted to say, well, go away. shoo bear. but we can't really tell bears what to do. moooooommmmmm!!! then one day, it was just gone. mom! [announcer] you are how you sleep.
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after a week of sexting scandals and race controversies, let's end the week with a high note. president bush 41 talked about his new haircut. he and members of secret service details shaved their heads in support of one agent's son who is battling leukemia. jenna sat down with him and barbara for the "today" show and here is some of that. >> little patrick got leukemia, a lot of the agents shaved their heads, thought why not me, and it was the right thing to do. >> one of the reasons you shaved
11:50 pm
your head, you wanted to see that little boy smile. >> yeah, just kind of identify with him. bring him a little happiness. >> when you held that little boy on your lap. >> that was fun. such a cute little guy. >> do you think he knew you were once the president of the united states? >> no. >> so what did you think about the haircut? >> i was shocked, surprised, and thrilled, but i think he looks beautiful. and it's younger. >> this is more than a haircut, and it is deeply personal for my grandparents who lost a child to leukemia. robin was just three when she died almost 60 years ago. >> what did robin used to say to you, grampy. >> a lot of things. i love you more than tongues can tell. >> you loved it when she would say that. >> he always answered i love you more. >> i would say there's one of the most decent human beings that walks the planet.
11:51 pm
it was not my fault, people that wrote the teleprompter, it was not president obama, that was president obama's granddaught granddaughter -- the guy is what public servants mean. democrats or republicans. look at this guy and his career, you'll understand what it is to be honorable, to be a real public servant, and understand the role of government. >> what a beautiful setting kenke kennebunkpo kennebunkport. what a great story. i will be out of the office, if you want to come by, working for home. >> did she have to call you for the number? >> i think she has plenty of connections. look at the love between the 41s. >> that's amazing. >> like me and greg. >> after all these years, still holding hands. >> i didn't even realize they had lost a daughter to leukemia until this story. i love when jenna sits down with
11:52 pm
her grandfather. i think she does the best interviews. it shows they're such a classy family. >> we have to go. i urge everybody to read a book president bush 41 wrote, letters to gampy. a wonderful read. one more thing is up next.
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♪ it is time now for one more thing. what is your problem, greg? it is eric's turn. >> that cashing in show 11:30 saturday morning, number one last saturday. tomorrow, we take on detroit, take the cashing in crew, detroit city managers. listen. >> do you remember this? >> we refuse to let detroit go bankrupt. i bet on american workers and american ingenuity, and three years later that bet is paying off in a big way. >> bob thinks it is too much to promote. it is a fox brand. >> you're right. great show. we could do it every other week would be fine. who is up next? >> andrea's turn. >> i love you're the steward. >> i don't have anything to promote except greg's next book. >> market your own suspender line i think. >> good point. >> the beckel. strongest material -- >> all right. so some sad news if you're a fan
11:57 pm
of the simpsons or anger management or the drew carry show, co-creator sam simon has been diagnosed with colon cancer, say he has about six months to live. royalties generated from his show generate tens of millions a year to him. instead of giving it away, he is giving it all to charity, he made this statement which i thought was so telling. he said i don't think the spirit of hollywood is such a spirit of generosity. i think people begrudge giving. in new york, it's like that, a lot of charities spend a million dollars on a fund-raiser to make $15,000. it's a social swirl, they do some great stuff and then it's called mission drift. >> it is like a progressive dinner party without progress. >> he is an amazingly talented
11:58 pm
person. >> bob, your turn. >> norway, northern norway, most of those countries, gets very dark five months of the year, no sun at all, why most of their pop laying is born nine months after that's over. they're taking a step in the right direction. building five gigantic mirrors to light the town for five months, genius, population will plummet, but good to have that. congratulations, another good step in fighting global warming. >> do you think they're just vain? >> vain? mirrors on the sky? >> how do i look? >> how about you go next. >> okay. do a bad phrase. out of office reply, friday in the summertime, you get if it is urgent, you can reach me. it is never urgent. another an editor. don't pretend -- >> that's way more interesting than most of them.
11:59 pm
most of them are just the cut and paste, i will be out of the office such and such, i am so important. i hate the out of office reply. >> even e-mail. >> there's a certain industry. >> certain industry. and the whole i'll be out of pocket, you're not a quarterback. >> is that the end of this? >> i have something, baby news. >> i love babies. >> martha maccallum was in london. megyn kelly was at the hospital and gave birth to a baby boy on the 23rd. the baby has brown hair and those trademark blue eyes. we congratulate megyn and doug. great name. thatcher bray brunt. she worked all the way up to the
12:00 am
end. >> congrats! >> that's it for us on "the five." have a great weekend, everyone. "special report" is next! welcome to "red eye." it iswe like two broke girls ifd by two you mean 3 and men who are not afraid of a pair of pan tee hose. >> what is coming up onto tonight's show?anth >> anthony wiener, duh.d and breaking news. celebrities are lining up to help a democratic president sell his agenda. and finally, ads on women's thighs 1234 guess what country this is happening if you didn't say japan we w taught you nothing over the past six and a half years. greg? >>lf thanks, andy. >> who is the happiest man in america right now? >> let's see, well, there is me. >> no.


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